Prevent Gum Disease

4 compelling reasons to prevent gum disease

prevent gum disease baltimore westminster mdHave you noticed a little bleeding from your gums whenever you brush your teeth? Are they also swollen, pink and tender? What do you know about gum disease? Are you aware that it affects not just your teeth, but also your overall health? Here are four very compelling reasons to prevent gum disease.

Why prevent gum disease?

1. Keeping your teeth healthy, strong and firmly in place is the number one reason for preventing gum disease. Did you know that this highly preventable infection is the most common cause of tooth loss for adults? The minor irritation that started with just a little bleeding and sensitivity in the gums can spread to the healthy tissue and bone that hold your teeth in place. Continuing to ignore this problem can allow the infection to progress to a more advanced stage, called periodontal disease. It is during this phase that teeth begin to loosen, shift and fall out. Extremely severe cases may also cause irreversible bone loss in the jaw.

2. Persistent halitosis, or really bad breath that you can’t get rid of, is the second reason for keeping this disease from developing. There isn’t a mouthwash strong enough to get rid of odor caused by an infection. In fact, you might want to rethink working the kissing booth for that local charity until after you have seen your dentist in Baltimore/Westminster.

3. Painful mouth sores popping up in your mouth and unattractive pus oozing in the pockets between your teeth are the third reason, although the first two reasons seem compelling enough. Enjoying any of your favorite foods seems to be off the menu at this point.

4. The last reason on this list is that there are studies suggesting a link between the advanced stages of gum disease and other health issues, such as an increased risk for heart attacks, premature births, respiratory diseases and diabetes. While there isn’t enough evidence yet to fully prove these associations, erring on the side of caution seems a practical decision, especially when prevention is a much easier and decidedly less painful solution.

Do you have gum disease? Take action

If you want to hold on to your teeth and your health, contact a qualified dentist in Baltimore/Westminster today. If you have any questions, please ask us. There is no reason to become a victim of gum disease.

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