TMJ Pain Relief

When you live in pain, well that simply isn’t living at all

Man suffering with TMJ painYour reality is not what you imagined for yourself. Your reality is something you would like to escape. Your reality is a life is filled with TMJ pain.

A constant mind and body-numbing pain that makes it impossible for you to enjoy most things. You don’t know what’s causing the pain and you can’t really remember when it began. All you know is you want it to go away – NOW!

When you are in pain, it’s a signal from your brain telling you something is wrong. It’s like a “check engine” light that appears on your car’s dashboard; it’s an indication that you need to stop and take notice. Pain is your body’s warning sign telling you your attention is required before something more serious happens.

Why do you have TMJ pain?

You have a jaw joint in your body called a Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) and when it is out-of-sync or not properly aligned, it causes an uneven and unbalanced bite. Your incorrect bite causes the muscles in your head, neck and jaws to work extra-hard. They all over-compensate for your bad bite.

These over-worked muscles create pain. Pain that will show itself if the form of:

  • migraines
  • headaches
  • earaches
  • muscles tenderness
  • discomfort in your face
  • a jaw that is sore
  • … and a multitude of additional symptoms.

If this describes your situation, Westminster dentist Dr. Imm may be able to help you get pain relief.

TMJ treatment can be a pain eraser

Simply stated, pain stinks and it reduces your overall quality of life. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are a wide variety of TMJ treatments available. For stress related TMJ issues, sometimes all that’s required is simple jaw relaxation through physiotherapy and exercises. More commonly, though, there is a more fundamental, structural cause for your TMJ pain. Missing, worn or damaged teeth, genetics, an underdeveloped jaw due to childhood allergies, or injury can all cause your bite to become misaligned. Effective, TMJ non-surgical treatments like:

can help bring you the TMJ pain relief you need to move on to a pain-free, phase 2 of your life.

Successful treatment starts with an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Imm can provide insight into what is causing your pain and more importantly, help you get TMJ pain relief. He and his All Smiles Care team can give you explanations and answers which can lead to TMJ pain relief, and a return to a more enjoyable life.

Determining your best treatment

Before any treatment plan is decided, your dentist conducts a full examination of your mouth and jaw structure using the advanced techniques available to him or her through neuromuscular dentistry. This modern technology includes the use of computer tracking to get detailed information about the way you chew, how your mouth moves and the exact measurements of your jaw and neck muscles.

Once he or she understands how your jaw is currently functioning, what your natural alignment is supposed to be, and the most likely cause of your TMD the best plan of care for your circumstances can be implemented.

What this means for you is that you finally get answers that make sense, along with some welcome relief from your pain.

Get relief

Does TMJ pain relief sound like a solution you can sink your teeth into? What not find out what Dr. Imm and his All Smiles Care team can do for you. Book a consultation and venture into the world of neuromuscular dentistry – a world that can help you find a TMJ pain solution.

TMJ pain relief without surgery

Not only can a capable TMD dentist, like Dr. Gary Imm of Westminster’s All Smiles Care, establish exactly what is going on and how to go about providing TMJ treatment, the results generally come without the use of surgery. That’s right. Surgery is a last resort as a TMJ treatment and isn’t most often unnecessary.

Instead of resorting to surgery, we have had many positive results in treating TMJ with these non-invasive treatments:

  • orthotics
  • braces
  • dental devices
  • tooth restoration

The best part? Along with ridding yourself of the pain, these TMJ treatments can also restore your smile, your health and, most importantly, you!

An intricate balancing act of jaw, muscles and teeth

The healthy function of your teeth depends on the proper balance and function of your jaw joints, jaw muscles and teeth. When these three elements are balanced, teeth come together to allow the muscles and jaw joints to rest without strain or tension. Without this balance, the results can be:

  • Temporo mandibular joint Disorder (TMD)
  • Neck aches
  • Ear pain
  • Tooth wear and clenching
  • Postural issues

Improve your jaw’s function. Improve your smile

Man holding a drawn smile Neuromuscular dentistry is a fancy name for a particular treatment of dentistry. Essentially, it combines the art of making you look better with the art of making you feel better. It focuses on correcting a misaligned bite using proven techniques and technology.

It determines the cause of your pain and the optimal position for your jaw, offering relief of muscle spasms & pain. Ultimately it stabilizes your bite, helping to develop a long term TMJ treatment plan.With the help of advanced technology and computer tracking, your bite is rebuilt back into a balanced muscle position. This helps balance the way you chew and how your overall mouth functions.

Neuromuscular dentistry can restore your smile and your face back to its intended beauty. It can reduce or eliminate the symptoms that take their toll on your quality of life and on your overall health. To gain insight into your specific issues, modern science is used to determine exactly what is causing the problem. An analysis will show just how much damage has been caused. The muscles of your jaw and neck will be measured while your jaws are functioning. This allows for the Dr. Imm to determine your optimal balanced bite position.

A thorough examination by a dentist like Dr. Imm, one that provides TMJ treatment – not all dentist do – you will get not only a correct diagnosis but, more importantly, a correct, individualized, exclusive treatment plan.

By bringing back balance, the strain, stress, pressure and pain that has been building in your jaw, neck, face, back, shoulders and the rest of your body will finally be relieved. 

Restore balance to your jaw

Along with an unbalanced bite comes discomfort and pain. Tackling the problem will not only shield you from the miserable symptoms of TMJ, it will help restore health and beauty to your smile.

Find out what TMJ pain relief treatment can do for you. Schedule a consultation to meet Westminster’s Dr. Imm and the All Smiles Care team.

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